We’re different from the rest…
because your pet is more than just an animal!


Welcome Janee to the Country Kennels Team, Janee is a budding groomer who offers the latest clips and styles for your pets. Her gentle handling skills and endless patience combined with her attention to detail result in dogs that loved to go to the groomers and happy owners.

Call (209) 748-5613 to schedule an appointment.

Services Provided as part of our daily routine include:

Individual handling twice a day

  • Meals – Morning and Evening
  • Pedigree brand food
  • Outside time – twice daily
  • Special Diet preparation
  • Medication Administration 


  • Air Conditioning
  • Heated floors
  • Classical music

Grooming Services Available : All Breeds Dogs or Cats

  • Cleansing Baths
  • Therapeutic Baths
  • Style Clips
  • Comb outs
  • Problem Coats
  • Nail Trims